In April of 2005 a club was formed for those archers who wanted to expand their knowledge and skills in the sport of archery. The archers practice weekly, developing fundamental skills to prepare them for local, state and national tournaments.
Our club meets on Saturday mornings. During the cold and wet months (Oct-April) we meet at the indoor range at Wilderness Archery in Rocklin. Practice is generally held  from late April to October at Discovery Park in Sacramento.

Most of our archers compete in local FITA tournaments, held at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California. Many archers have expanded their tournament experience by attending tournaments such as the California State Indoor Tournament, the California State Outdoor, the Cotton Boll, Grapestakes and the Pacific Coast Championship.

Our club is taught by NAA Certified Level II Instructors, whom are all volunteers. During class sessions the archers work on earning their J.O.A.D. pins and certificates as well as developing critical archery skills. Class activities vary from working on their next JOAD level, participating in a fun balloon shoots, games, working on a new techniques or practicing form. Along with FITA tournaments we also introduce the kids to 3-D target archery. Students are also taught how to maintain and repair their equipment, set-up and take-down their bows, repair arrows, etc.

What is J.O.A.D.
Junior Olympic Archery development (JOAD) is a youth archery program designed for children, 20 years of age and under. Classes are structured and students will learn the basic fundamentals of archery in a fun setting. The skills taught and learned by the students can prepare them for competition shooting. A JOAD program generally follows the same shooting and equipment rules as USA Archery and the International Archery Association (FITA)

JOAD has developed its own competition rounds, dress code regulations along with special scoring to make it appealing to youths.

Youths in JOAD may shoot recurve or compound bows, based on their preference. Classes will prepare youths for state, regional and national tournaments in both outdoor and indoor target ranges.

Let the shooting begin...

Wilderness Golden State JOAD is a year round archery program designed for youth archers who are committed to developing their form and skills as they pertain to archery. This is a structured program with regular scheduled class sessions. The archers meet year round and must keep their attendance at an 85% level or they can be removed from the club roster.

We meet a minimun of three out of four saturdays per month and often times more depending on the tournament schedule. Parent involvement is required at a minium of 25 hours per year assisting with fundraisers. Our club travels to various tournaments in California requiring parents to assist with driving along with walking the Field archery ranges with their kids (safety reasons). JOAD has an annual membership fee as well as monthly dues.

Requirements for joing our Recreational Section of the JOAD Club are as follows:

     Attend an Introductory class provided by our club and successfully passing
            Have had previous archery experience that can be validated by our instructional staff
            Attended one of our summer camp programs and complete it successfully
    6 months or more participation in another JOAD club that can be validated
            Coached by a previous NAA or NFAA Certified Instructor that can be validated

Currently filling a third class.

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